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You are a club, a sport association, a Facebook group, a university or a company. You want to energize your club life, you want to create a synergy between your employees, you can then create your Club on Thefaiplayers, invite or accept new members. A news feed will allow you to publish, share and display the content and the club news. You can organize tournaments or championships and the “let’s play” function will help your members to diversify their partners and meet other members. 


Whenever you want to practice a sport, the “let’s play” function will allow you to create an event such as a tennis or football game or find a colleague to go running at the lunch break. You will specify the sport, the date, the time and your location. Then you will choose to whom you want to send the invitation, the members of a club you are enrolled in, your friends list or a selection of friends, or to increase your chances, you can even launch the invitation to all the app users around you. 

Your guests will receive an invitation that they can accept or decline. By accepting, they will enter a discussion where participants can organize themselves around the event. This function will also help sports clubs to make their promotion and find new members. Open yoga or standup paddle groups will be able to become known. 


Within your club you can organize all kinds of competitions such as tournaments or championships. In addition, we have imagined the dynamic championship to dynamize the club activity in the spirit of the Thefairplayers, “create opportunities to practice a physical activity”.  

As soon as the competition is launched, a ranking is generated, each new entrant will join the ranking from the bottom. Then each player will be able to challenge any player who is above him in the ranking, up to a maximum of four places. If I am 10th, I can challenge the 9th, 8th, 7th or 6th in the ranking. If the challenger wins his match, he takes the place of the challenged player and the latter loses one place. The invitations, the ranking, the result sheet are updated automatically. The administrator only has to validate the results.

This championship makes it possible to get rid of the calendar constraints of a traditional championship and does not have a limited number of games. Each player can play as many games they want to move up the rankings. The most motivated will train the least, the club will see more games played, and members will be able to meet and discover new players.